Breaking Down the Mysterious Ending of A Haunting in Venice

Warning: This post contains spoilers for A Haunting in Venice.

Imagine the chilling combination of supernatural forces and a renowned detective trying to solve an impossible crime. That’s exactly what you get with Kenneth Branagh’s return as Hercule Poirot in the mesmerizing thriller, A Haunting in Venice. Serving as a sequel to 2022’s Death on the Nile, this film takes Poirot on a journey to uncover the truth amidst a Halloween night séance in post-World War II Italy. Based on Agatha Christie’s lesser-known novel Hallowe’en Party, this is the third brilliant Christie adaptation directed by Branagh. So, let’s dive deep into the enigmatic world of A Haunting in Venice and unravel its secrets.

How does A Haunting in Venice end?

(L-R): Rowan Robinson as Alicia Drake and Kelly Reilly as Rowena Drake in A Haunting in Venice

Held at the rumor-filled palazzo of renowned opera singer Rowena Drake, the séance attended by Poirot aims to connect with Alicia, Rowena’s deceased daughter. With famed medium Joyce Reynolds conducting the ceremony and Poirot tagging along to expose fraud, things quickly take a dark turn. After the supposed psychic is thrown from a balcony and impaled by a statue, the real mystery begins. As a storm rages outside, Poirot locks everyone inside the estate, including Ariadne, Rowena, Alicia’s former fiance Maxime, and several other intriguing characters. With suspense building, Poirot’s sleuthing skills come to the forefront.

Following an attempt on Poirot’s life, ghostly sightings, and the tragic death of Dr. Ferrier, the truth finally comes to light. Poirot discovers that Ariadne orchestrated his return from retirement to create the next captivating case for her book, inviting Maxime to the séance for added drama. However, it is Rowena who emerges as the true killer among them. The shocking revelation unveils that Rowena, driven by jealousy and a desire to keep her daughter close, slowly poisoned Alicia. Alicia’s supposed suicide was merely a cover-up for Rowena’s sinister actions. Furthermore, Poirot’s own hallucinations were a result of unintentionally consuming tea sweetened with toxic honey.

How is the movie different from the book?

Michelle Yeoh as Mrs. Reynolds in A Haunting in Venice

While A Haunting in Venice is based on Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party, the movie takes artistic liberties to deliver a fresh experience. Unlike the book, which is set in the London suburb of Woodleigh Common, the film immerses us in the enchanting city of Venice. Additionally, the supernatural elements that heighten the mystery in the movie are absent from the original novel. In fact, there is no séance in Hallowe’en Party. Instead, Poirot is summoned to a Halloween party at an English estate, where he unravels the truth behind the death of a young girl who claimed to have witnessed a murder.

James Pritchard, CEO of the Agatha Christie estate and executive producer, explained that the creative team behind the Poirot franchise wanted to surprise the audience with something new. By deviating from the faithful adaptation route taken in previous movies, A Haunting in Venice offers a refreshing take on Christie’s work.

If you’re craving an intriguing and suspenseful ride filled with twists and turns, A Haunting in Venice is a must-watch. Kenneth Branagh masterfully delivers yet another captivating Christie adaptation that will leave you spellbound. So, grab your popcorn and immerse yourself in this cinematic masterpiece.

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