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A Transmigrator’s Privilege Chapter 1

[(Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters) Cases of missing people and murders are increasing! Do not wander the streets alone. Watch out for subway stations, rooftops, and riversides.]

It was just a usual warning message. I hurried home, thinking that way.

My house was around this alley. I was going to have chicken for dinner tonight, as I had a hard time dealing with complaints during work.

I’m going to read webtoons and web novels before going to bed.

But then I remembered!

[Watch out for dark alleys on your way home! Especially when the street lights are out.]


At that moment, one of the streetlights flashing over my head went dark.

Uh, I should go home quickly.

Believe it or not, the warning message was true. Cases of deaths and disappearances were exploding across the country.

There had been a widespread claim on the internet that the cause of these strange phenomena was due to “Spirits.” It seemed like a load of crap that was immersed in webtoons, web novels, and games, but it also had its own origin.

When I looked at the records of the dead, there was something in common.

It was kind of like a harbinger, but that was it.

Doot doot doot.


It’s time to prepare for the afterlife rather than for old age! A full package that helps you survive in the act of pretending is special today! With a deposit, you can live nicely even in S-rated novels!

Three limited quantities! Would you like to sign up now?


I’ve received spam messages recommending life insurance coverages before.

“W-what is this?”

Dun dun!

Without any warning, a truck rushed towards me.


Mom, dad, brother, I’m going to see you soon.

I was hit and killed by a truck in a dark alley.


[You are registered!]

Press ‘Yes’ to proceed.

“Open your eyes, reader with code number 1****5617.”

“Huh? This is…”

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I was awakened by the call of another prisoner.

It was a place that looked similar to an immigration corporation’s civil service office.

People were issued something and moved to the gate where light poured through. I was standing in front of the desk, too.

I glanced to the side. The girl who had woken me was wearing a school uniform and smiling as if she had gotten satisfactory results. Then, a screen suddenly glistened over her head.

Reader code 1****5613. Consequences of Imagination:

Original: The Princess Imprints a Traitor.

Genre: 19+ Romance Fantasy Regression

Difficulty of Survival: F

A certain phrase caught my eye.

“What, the judgment of the possessed?”

“Yes. Dear reader with code 1****5617, it’s your turn now.”

“Ack! The dog is talking!”

Every time the Welsh Corgi with wings on its back moves its mouth, human words come out.

“Haha, what do you mean by dog? I’m a judge here at the ‘Bing Administration Review Center.’

“The Bing Administration?”

“You must have had a good night’s sleep during the orientation. Let me explain briefly. You’re dead. This is the afterlife.”


I remembered, as soon as I experienced what was known as a ‘scary story’ on the internet, I was hit by a truck.


It was a short life.

My mother died giving birth to me, then my father and brother were hit by a car that was backing up and soon went to meet my mother’s side.

Since then, I’ve been living in a huge house that has been covered by my family’s insurance money, and as soon as I became an adult, I became independent and made a living as a part-timer.

After all the hard work, I barely passed the civil service exam, and I finally got something to live for.

But somehow, at such a young age, I was taken by death because of a national disaster.

‘So all my savings are in the big house? Haa…’

The Welsh Corgi chuckled lightly in front of me.

“These days, the gods in charge of the afterlife are very interested in human lives. Isn’t a masterpiece novel webtoonized, gametized, and made into an excellent movie? If the gods use their powers, they can create a masterpiece or a ‘Cha Won’. The project is now underway to send the souls that died on Earth to a different dimensional world.”

I learned a new fact that the final form of a great web novel was called ‘Cha Won’.

“Of course, I don’t approve of just anyone. You must have a wonderfully possessed aptitude, given that you were summoned to the afterlife earlier than your lifespan!”

“Oh, okay….”

I wanted to argue because it was unfair, but you can’t do anything when you’re dealing with a weak and cute puppy.

It didn’t give me time to argue. The screening began immediately.

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“Then I’ll check the reading history of the reader with code 1****5617. Oh, you’ve read so many genres. Romance, slice of life, fantasy, martial arts, GL, BL, 19+…”


I didn’t cough out of shame, but because I was proud of my picky taste.

“Is there a genre you’re interested in?”


Yeah, romance.

How nice is that? It’s a healing genre that is good for walking on flowery paths, filled with money, minimizing hardships, and having low survival skills. It’s the best genre to be in!

I had a strong attachment and sincerity towards that genre.

“I’ve lost my parents and brother since I was a kid and I’ve been living in a big house but having no family to love me. So I truly want to possess the main character of a loving family and indulge in love.”

“Yes, I’ll think about it.”

The Welsh Corgi tapped hard on the keyboard.

And after a while…

“We have the results. Please look at the screen, dear reader.”


I put my hands together and raised my head.

Reader Code 1***5617 Consequences of Deception:

Original: Rebirth until the world is safe.

Genre: Fantasy Raid Infinite Regression

Difficulty: S

She was blank for a moment.

Meanwhile, Welsh Corgi congratulated all of them.

“Oh-oh! It’s an S-class that only one out of a hundred thousand people have come out of! I knew that you’d be excellent as an Insidious person! Congratulations!”

Excuse me. Did he even know what Hunter class this is? The difficulty to survive is an S-class type, so it’s something to celebrate!

Welsh Corgi said it as if it was his first time seeing an S-Class person. But right now, she is still a bit dazed.

As of right now, she’s still trying to figure out what just happened. She tried searching for her old memories from the original plot.

“Rebirth until the world is saved.”

This is one of the rebirth novels that she read when she was still a junior in high school.

It’s a novel in which the protagonist of the story returns a dozen times just to save the world that was being destroyed within the hands of the demonic villain. And how frustrated she is while reading the whole series. Or, ‘So, while reading the whole series she just kept getting aggravated.’

Anyone can tell just by looking at the feedback.

-Who recommended this type of story lineup?

-The main character is so frustrating. What a waste of money.

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-I recommend it if you want to die after seeing them be a pushover a million times.

Of course, there are also some good followers of S.H.I.E.L.D.

-Maybe because our protagonist is still growing up?

-Why is everybody being bitter…


-We’re being bitter? Then blame the main character for being a pushover.

L pushover pass lol. Nice name.

-I’m going to watch the main character die again later.

-Me too. The only constant thing in this story is the fact that the MC is a pushover hahaha.

That’s when the main character’s nickname became a Pushover Pass.

‘Oh, I’m so screwed.’

The people who saw the screen notification started to chat.

‘Oh, my God, she’s an S-rated…’

‘Oh, my God.’

“The original work is ‘Seguhoe’? Isn’t this the novel about Pushover Pass?”

“That’s too bad.”

Welsh Corgi is now back in the business.

“The S-rated protagonist seems to like children, so we’ll let you pretend to be a cute girl with pink hair.”

“What kind of person is she?”

“The daughter of a commoner who’s overpowered by the noble family…”

“The trees on the street would have been more important.”

I think she’s the lowest person in the food chain.

Her nose wrinkled because she thought that she couldn’t survive it.

“That’s fine. If you can pretend, you’ll get help from the support system provided by the Administration. No, wait, you’re an S-class!”

“Why? Is there a problem about it?”

“No! It just turns out that an S-class was the first buyer of Bing’s full life insurance package. You don’t have to worry about anything!”

“Bing’s life insurance full package? What is that?”

At that moment, the eyes of those who had seen me as a pitiful person a while ago quickly turned into envy.

“You’ll find out gradually. Please go through the gate because it can’t be pushed back further.”

“Uh, wait a minute…”

“May God bless you, then!”


The latest_epi_sodes are on_the ­elworld.c‎om website.

I was sucked into the world of the multiple rebirth fantasy novel called ‘Seguhoe’

Chapter end

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