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Darlene’s life took a turn for the worse when she married Avery, a man who despised her and accused her of conniving with his grandmother. However, according to the gripping novel A Wound That Never Heals, Darlene was innocent of these accusations. The true culprit of this chaotic love triangle was Vivian, Avery’s preferred love interest. Vivian had abandoned Avery when he was critically ill, only to return years later and accuse Darlene and Avery’s grandmother of chasing her abroad to make room for Darlene in Avery’s life. With no one to bear witness except Darlene, who Avery refused to believe, the truth seemed impossible to uncover.

Part 1: Stand Out Characters of A Wound That Never Heals


A Wound That Never Heals Darlene

Darlene, one of the main female leads in A Wound That Never Heals, is a character who undergoes immense suffering and hardship due to circumstances beyond her control. Recently diagnosed with a terminal heart disease, Darlene’s life seemed bleak. To make matters worse, her husband, Avery, despised and mistreated her, accusing her of forcing him into marriage with the help of his grandmother. Avery’s cruelty towards Darlene escalated to the point where he physically abused her, even when she discovered she was pregnant with his child.


A Wound That Never Heals Avery

Avery, the lead male character in A Wound That Never Heals, is portrayed as a despicable husband who resented Darlene with every fiber of his being. Avery’s heart belonged to Vivian, a woman who had abandoned him during his most critical moment. Vivian manipulated Avery, falsely claiming that Darlene and his grandmother had conspired to drive her away. Avery, believing Vivian’s lies, despised his wife even as she suffered from a life-threatening heart condition right under his nose.

Part 2: Plot of A Wound That Never Heals

A Wound That Never Heals Novel

Despite enduring the humiliation of hearing Avery call out Vivian’s name in bed, Darlene remained faithful to her husband. However, the devastating news of her heart failure and the need for a transplant pushed Darlene to the brink. As she prepared to sign the divorce papers Avery left for her, a sudden intrusion shattered the room’s silence. It was Avery himself, storming in and violently assaulting Darlene. He accused her of conspiring with his grandmother to push Vivian away, an accusation rooted in Vivian’s manipulation.

Vivian had abandoned Avery during a long coma, fearing that he would never recover as his former self. She fled abroad, only to return and weave a web of lies about Darlene and Avery’s grandmother. Avery, foolishly entranced by Vivian’s deceit, immediately filed for divorce. Darlene, brokenhearted by Avery’s hatred, asked him if he would still abandon her if he knew she had only a short time to live. Without hesitation, Avery affirmed his intention to do so repeatedly. With her heart shattered, Darlene saw no reason to stay and signed the divorce papers.

Three days later, Darlene encountered Avery again, who had abandoned her to be with Vivian during her pregnancy. Avery continued tormenting Darlene, even when she was hospitalized and coughing up blood. To Darlene’s dismay, she discovered she was pregnant, a risky situation given her condition. While the doctor advised against carrying the baby, Darlene insisted on giving birth and leaving her legacy before her impending death.

When Avery overheard Darlene and the doctor discussing her decision, he demanded that she have an abortion. The choices Darlene made in the face of her dire circumstances showcased her strength and determination.

Part 3: Conclusion of A Wound That Never Heals

A Wound That Never Heals Read Online

In A Wound That Never Heals, the author skillfully portrays Darlene’s emotional journey through her incredibly challenging circumstances. The novel delves deep into her feelings, allowing readers to experience her pain and hardship firsthand. The attention to detail displayed by the author is commendable, making this book both engaging and worthy of praise.

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