Unlock the Storytelling Method Quest in Inazuma on Genshin Impact

Storytelling Method is an intriguing World Quest in Inazuma on Genshin Impact. Are you ready to embark on a quest to unlock Junkichi and Shigeru’s extraordinary journey through the “Is This Novel Amazing?” Daily Commissions? This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary information, from quest locations to walkthroughs, rewards, and achievements!

Quest Info and How to Unlock

Quest Details

  • Quest Type: World Quest
  • Location: Narukami Island, Inazuma
  • Quest Giver: Junkichi

How to Unlock Storytelling Method

Complete “This Novel Seems… Familiar?”

To unlock “This Novel Seems… Familiar,” you need to side with Shigeru, the Editor from Yae Publishing House, during the “Is This Novel Amazing?” Commission Quest.

Complete “This Novel Seems… Problematic?”

To unlock “This Novel Seems… Problematic?,” you need to side with Junkichi, the Author of Onibudou, during the “Is This Novel Amazing?” Commission Quest.

Confirm with Editorial Opinion Achievement

The two commissions mentioned above determine whether you side with Shigeru or Junkichi during the “Is This Novel Amazing?” commission. You’ll know you’ve unlocked the quest when you receive the Editorial Opinion Achievement!

Set Your Preferred Region to Inazuma

Since unlocking this quest requires specific commissions, you can set your Preferred Region to Inazuma for a higher chance of encountering them. Access your Handbook to make this adjustment.

Storytelling Method Walkthrough and Rewards

Storytelling Method

Junkichi seems to be facing some writing challenges once again…

Storytelling Method Objectives

  1. Talk to Junkichi and Shigeru in Inazuma City.
  2. You will then be teleported to a domain. Immerse yourself in Junkichi’s story as you progress through it. Follow Junkichi’s narration and enjoy the experience.
  3. Defeat any opponents you encounter along the way. Check out the tips & strategies section for helpful advice!
  4. Explore the domain and gather intel on the fake tree.
  5. Report back to Junkichi. Complete the conversation to finish the quest!

Storytelling Method Tips & Strategies

Plunge Down on Weak Wooden Floors

During the quest, you will come across two areas with weak wooden floors that you can plunge down. The first one is located right below a ladder when you start, and the other is near a room. Take the plunge on the first one while descending. For the second one, you need to activate a mechanism first!

Bring Down a Ladder via a Mechanism

Close to the weak wooden floor, you’ll find an open door with large pots inside. On the far right of the door, there is a mechanism that, once activated, will bring down a ladder. Climb up the ladder and then plunge down onto the wooden floor to break it.

Get the Precious Chest in the Area

Once you’ve unlocked the ladder to the upper area on the second weak wooden floor, you’ll notice three precious chests in the distance. Don’t forget to collect them before taking the plunge!

Beat the Enemies Affected by Electro

Inside the domain, you will encounter Nobushi, with some of them affected by a mechanism that expels Electro, giving them a buff. Turn off the mechanism to defeat the enemies more efficiently.

Get a Copy of Onibudou

If you’re curious about the story Junkichi wrote, make sure to grab a copy of Onibudou by acquiring the one in front of the store!

Storytelling Method Rewards and Achievements

Total Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP ×100
  • Mora ×30000
  • Hero’s Wit ×6

Well, At Least It Ended Achievement

  • Achievement Rank: ★ 5 Primogems
  • Objective: Hear Junkichi out as he puts his story together.
    You’ll receive this achievement once you’ve completed the Storytelling Method Quest!

Editorial Opinion Achievement

  • Achievement Rank: ★ 5 Primogems
  • Objective: Help Shigeru and Junkichi return to the right artistic path.
    You can obtain this achievement by completing both the “This Novel Seems… Familiar?” and “This Novel Seems… Problematic?” Commission Quests!

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So, are you ready to embark on this captivating quest and unlock the secrets of the Storytelling Method in Inazuma? Let the adventure begin!