Peerless Scholar 2022 – Which of these novels was NOT written by Margaret Atwood?

Answer:Flowers for Algernon

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Peerless Scholar

The question above appeared in the Peerless Scholar event, which is a trivial event in Rise of Kingdoms. The Peerless Scholar event comprises of three parts in the following order: (1) Preliminary; (2) Midterm; and (3) Final Exam.

The Preliminary event is available daily Monday to Friday at any time; The Midterm runs on every Saturday at two designated start times; and the Final Exam takes place on the last Saturday of each month at a designated start time. Each Peerless Scholar event is a series of multiple-choice questions, and answering questions correctly will allow players to progress in the event and qualify for the next part of the event (Preliminary -> Midterm -> Final Exam). Players are rewarded for participating and completing each event.

Click here for a full archive of Peerless Scholar questions and answers.

Peerless Scholar Preliminary

Peerless Scholar “Preliminary” is a series of 10 trivial questions, available daily on weekdays (Monday-Friday), which has no time limit for answering the questions. It is easy to complete and the rewards for completion are worth your time. Passing each Preliminary entitles you to a “Midterm Life Token”, which I will explain its purpose in the next section. You can get up to 3 Midterm Life Tokens each week.

Peerless Scholar Midterm

At the weekend, the “Midterm” is held on the Saturday at two different timeslots (UTC 02:30 and UTC 12:30), so all gamers living in different time-zones should be able to participate. “Passing” the Midterm allows you to share in the 1.5 million gems pool reward amongst all participants! In addition, you and your alliance will also receive Alliance Gifts rewards which includes Golden Keys, Speedups and Resource Packs.

The Midterm comprises of 15 trivial questions. To pass the Midterm, you have to answer all 15 correctly. If you have obtained the weekly maximum of 3 Midterm Life Tokens from the Preliminary, you will pass the Midterm if you answer correctly a minimum of 12 questions (15 – 3 = 12). The passing rate of the Midterm is about 20%. I usually receive 100-200 gems for passing the Midterm each week.

These gems could be yours requiring only your time in answering trivia questions, unlike the other ways to obtain gems in-game (gathering, use of speed-ups or defeating a number of barbarians or barbarian forts), so it is definitely worth your effort.

Peerless Scholar Final Exam

The Final Exam takes place on the last Saturday of each month at 14:30 UTC. You can qualify for the Final Exam by passing any round of the Midterm in the same month.

There is a total of 5 million gems up for grabs to be shared with all participants who pass the Final Exam.

There will be 20 questions in total. The questions will be on a timer and you will need to answer within the allocated time:

  • Questions 1 to 5 – 17 seconds for each question;
  • Questions 6 to 10 – 14 seconds for each question; and
  • Questions 11 to 20 – 12 seconds for each question.

You are given three chances (Life Token) and will be disqualified once you fail to answer 4 questions correctly.

If you fail the Final Exam, you will not be able to share in the gems pool but you will still be rewarded:

If you pass the Final Exam, you will receive an attractive amount of gems.

On rare occasions, especially when the questions in the exam are tough, the rewards can be much higher than usual. I once passed a Final Exam and received a whopping 3,125 gems!